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old masters techniquesFind free information on classical painting techniques and learn how to paint like the Old Masters without attending an expensive art class!

Traditional art classes at academies cost thousands and since artists are always on a budget – at least this is what is said – paying for an art course can be difficult or impossible. This website aims to replace the art teacher or master for your self-study at home!

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Munsell Color Charts PDF to print at Home

Print Munsell color with your printer - PDF

“Thank you for making this product available, it’s very useful!” Florent Farges – www.florentfarges.com Color references are often very pricey. In my blog post “Save hundreds on studio equipment!” I showed…

Munsell 101 for the artist

Color theory – a little physics for the artist For me color theory was always a boring topic. With my background as a lab technician I knew about the wavelengths…

Mixing Munsell neutrals

Having some neutral values at hand is very handy. You can use them for a value scale or to mix with higher chroma colors (of the same value) to make…

Low budget glass palette

You propably all know the traditional wooden palettes that artists use – on one hand they hold their brushes and on the other is a wooden palette resting on the…

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