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What is your IKEA Atelier hack?

When it comes to equipping your own home atelier, you might ask yourself what else you need besides paints, brushes and the like. The studio must also be equipped with certain furniture. You propably need a small table that can be used to place the glass palette on it. And maybe you need a few drawers to store the tube paints.

The IKEA atelier hack

I have shown you my “IKEA picture frame hack” before. Instead of using a wooden hand held palette I switched to a glass palette which actually is a regular picture frame. The sturdy aluminum STRÖMBY frame can be opened easily on the back side to place color swatches or a reference photo in it.

In one blog post I also wrote about the IKEA HISTORISK Sketch book which I like to use very much. I had also tried to see if the pencil that you can take at various places in the IKEA market to write notes with was a good pencil to draw.

I think IKEA is well suited to equip a home studio. Actually my first easel ever was from IKEA. They don’t have it in their program anymore but it was a tripod easel just as those from the art store.

Sadie Valerie equipped her atelier with IKEA BESTA shelfes serving as Cast Drawing or Stil Life stands.

The website IKEA Hackers features very creative furniture hacks with IKEA products. My favorite is the Mobile Art Supply Storage

This storage solution is also worth to look at.

Do you have any IKEA equipment in your home studios or even an IKEA hack? Tell me about it in the comments or send me an email with photos and some nice words to

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  1. To make an animation (or drafting) table, purchase two of the IKEA adjustable sawhorses. Attach a tabletop (3/4″ ply, particleboard, or a plain hollow-core door works well too) to the sawhorses. Adjust the front of the sawhorses to the height needed to sit at your chair, and the back to the height needed for the tilt of the table. Works great, costs very little.

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