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Get a free Planes of the Head sculpture

There are several ‘Planes of the Head’ on the the market but this one is absolutely free! Ok, at least it will cost you only four sheets of paper, some glue, printer ink and 2-3 hours working time. Compared to the 115$ that an original Asaro head costs this is practically nothing!

What is a ‘Planes of the Head’ actually good for?

Such a head sculpture shows you the simplified planes of the head. Please read the following pages for further information on how useful this can be in your atelier at home and how to practise with it:

How to make it:

Needed materials:

  • Regular inkjet or laser printer
  • White paper – it should have at least 160g/m² to guarantee a sturdy model in the end
  • Crafting glue – other glues are fine too but I recommend crafting glue for working with paper
  • Crafting knife

How to assemble it

Download the PDF and print it out. The file is DIN A4 sized – for those living in a country with different paper sizes please use the “scale to page” setting in the printer dialog before printing. Take care to keep the proportions.

Cut the forms along the solid lines, score along the dashed lines and fold them. There are two types of dashed lines: the finer lines (the majority of dashed lines) are meant to be fold outwards and the coarser dashed lines are meant to be fold inwards.

Then glue it all together. I recommend glueing the face first and then glueing towards the occipital.

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