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Review – Scott Waddell’s new instructional video “Drawing & Painting”

I’ve written about Scott Waddell before (see here). On December 17th he has published another video for purchase. The price of 37$ (~27€) is very generous! You’ll get over 70 minutes of video material plus an additional PDF which serves as a glossary, materials list and time code table.

Normally I post free stuff that I find in the internet but buying some professional instructional videos will help you a lot too – with your art training and with saving money on expensive art classes. (read illustrator Noah Bradley’s view and tipps on how to wisely spend your money without going to an expensive art school). Note that I don’t earn any money by mentioning this video – I just consider it as very usefull for you.

What do I get for my money?

First of all let me say just one word (three times): INFO, INFO, INFO!!!

Scott has put a lot of information into this video on how he approaches his way of drawing and painting. Unfortunately he leaves no time to take a deep breath and digest what’s been said. So I would prefer a longer video with more pauses (less information in the same time is no option 😉 ).

But this is the only critique.

Scott explains the conceptual way of sculpting in 2D in drawing and painting. As you know value is the only aspect that makes something look three dimensional. So he explains how light rays are describing form while drawing a nude figure and with 3D animation. He also paints a male portrait first in shades of grey (a so called grissaille – “gris” french for “grey”) and then in color.

He also talks about the three qualities of color – hue, value and chroma and how something is painted with these qualities – also with animations and life painting.

by courtesy of Scott Waddell
by courtesy of Scott Waddell

The first picture in this row is an example on how to cope with two light sources. The one in the middle shows how a dark skintone is not very much different from lighter skintones – at least concerning the hue quality of color. The rightmost picture is the overpainted grisaille portrait.

His materials are no witchcraft or rocket science – simple round watercolor brushes, mineral spirits, linseed oil and retouch varnish is beeing used by him.

Some more screenshots:

by courtesy of Scott Waddell
by courtesy of Scott Waddell

In case you’d like to buy this video, go to his website. Take a look at the other instructional videos. I have all of them and consider all as very informative and worth the money. In case you are on a tight budget you could start with “Drawing & Painting“, then “The Art of Painting“.


Scott not only sculpts figures in 2D on the canvas, he also seems to sculpt his own body. Look how much muscle mass he has gained compared to the video “Art of Painting” from one year ago 🙂


5 thoughts on “Review – Scott Waddell’s new instructional video “Drawing & Painting””

  1. As an artist, I am constantly looking at how other artists perform their vocation, because one can learn from them all. Young or old, there is no limit.

    I like what you are doing, displaying your work, and teaching others along the way. Keep up the good work.

  2. I enjoyed this video very much. i think the pace and content was excellent. There is a warmth in the communication by Scott and that translates to empathy with a fellow artist or attempting to e one. Great teaching
    We need more from this artist. Look forward to seeing more videos.
    Does Scott Waddell have teaching workshops??


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