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“Hi Bjorn

I have only just found your site, I have been checking the sites on the internet for reasonable priced or free classical instruction…..

Is there any other websites you could recommend or books you have found helpful

Best regards …”


There are many art related blogs out there in the internet and one blog leads to the other. Some of them are just for informational purposes and some also have educational content. One danger of reading these blogs: you’ll never find time to paint yourself 😉

BUT: these blogs are a real treasure. You’ll find information and motivation there.


Here`s a list of interesting blogs:

Tell me in the comments what`s your favorite art related blog?

1 thought on “Blogs Blogs Blogs”

  1. I just found Watts atelier demos. If you look up or on facebook, you can see demos of their online program. The demos alone are quite useful. You can get a general idea of how they work. They are using Munsell (Reilly palette) and start with classical underpainting techniques. He uses wash-in technique, then burnt umber and white underpainting, also a blue and white underpainting. He then uses the Zorn palette, which is cad red light, yellow ochre, burnt umber and ivory black. Laid out in strings, exactly like Reilly, with a neutral gray, red and yellow string. He lays it in impressionistically. Though he demonstrates all four methods of painting, ala prima, layered, and tiling approach. The landscape work is solid, though also only using the limited Zorn outdoor palette. His online painting and drawing classes are $199 month; drawing only $99 a month. He is using the Reilly drawing; no deviation from Reilly. Which you may not want to learn. He does mention Loomis, so I suppose you can use Loomis planes instead of Reilly. The painting looks worthwhile. No time limit. I suppose you could hustle through the exercises in order to save money if you decided you liked the course.

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