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Got no drawing casts? Just use your city’s monuments!

Ring of statues - Frankfurt GERMANY - several nude models working for free
Ring of statues – Frankfurt GERMANY – several nude models working for free and never complaining about aching limbs.

What’s the advantage of an anatomical drawing cast compared with a real model out of flesh and blood?

It holds perfectly still, always has time, has no color distracting you while you just want to study drawing and they charge no money. There are anatomical drawing casts available out there (for example here for those of you in Europe) but what about the real complex ones? Ones that are life sized and really complex?

Well just use your citie’s monuments and statues to draw from!

Yeah I know, you’d like to draw inside your house – better let nobody watch over your shoulders…

There’s no excuse! Your city has all what you want.

Where are your citie’s monuments? Tell me in the comments with latidude and longitude!

The ones below are in my home city. When springtime is coming and my hands won’t freeze I’m going to draw them – and propably I#ll make a video of it – so stay tuned.

Bismarck Statue – Frankfurt GERMANY

Goethe Statue – Frankfurt GERMANY

Guttenberg Statue – Frankfurt GERMANY

Märchenbrunnen – Frankfurt GERMANY

Schiller Monument – Frankfurt GERMANY

Vigelandpark – Oslo NORWAY

oslo statue
By courtesy of Brian Kwong

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  1. Thank you for this site, information, guidance.
    No casts? Another possibility is ceramic greenware and bisque, unfinished, unpainted figures and figurines, including wall plaques. Not classical, and probably more fantasy than realistic, but they’ll stand still and not complain.

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