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Do not save on the wrong things

Top: low budget oil paint set
Bottom: high quality paint tubes

I recently received an oil paint set with 12 different colors as a gift. This set of tubes was sold at a very low price for around 3€ so I was curious about the paint’s quality and as I expected, the quality is very low. Although this blog is also about saving money with your classical art studies I don’t recommend these types of paint. Because if you save on the wrong things you’ll propably pay twice. Maybe these paints are sufficient for making color exercises but for a painting that needs to turn out very well and keeps it’s colors for a long time you definitely need to buy high quality paint!

But I let the pictures speak for themself
(I guess I don’t need to explain which is which; click on the pictures for a larger view)




2 thoughts on “Do not save on the wrong things”

  1. What I find interesting in this context are Paintersisters, in Neuss,
    Who are buying their colours directly from the Manufacturer, without intermediary trade and thus can be comparably cheap.
    Their oil colours are no-name ones, but the maker does also produce the paint for big-name companies.

  2. As a fan of the “Teekampagne” ( ) I also thought of selling oil paint without intermediary trade and sell it through the internet in bulk. Now I see there’s someone already doing this.

    I wonder why I haven’t come across them before (?)

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