Plaster Casts for Cast Drawing available again

When I started my online activities in the field of classical art, I offered my own Plaster Casts for Cast Drawing at a reasonable price at, as the market only offered expensive goods from real sculptors. People were happy to accept my Plaster Casts, because it was exactly what they needed to learn drawing from plaster casts. Nothing special and in any case not expensive. After all, it was meant to serve as a reference once or maybe twice and not as a decorative object for home.

But after a few years I stopped selling my own Plaster Casts and put affiliate offers from Amazon on my website, where I earned a small commission. However, the products listed on Amazon were not always and in every country available. And the offered Alginate for making your own Plaster Cast is not suitable for every object – taking an impression of hands with Alginate makes most sense.

Now that the Corona thing gives us a lot of time at home, I have brought my Plaster Casts back to life and added them to my shop.

And therefore I ask for your help:

If you are interested in Plaster Casts, I would be happy if you place an order.
This way I can put the established ordering process through its paces.

Click the link and you will be directed to the shop page were all my Plaster Casts are displayed:

Please be indulgent with me if everything does not go smoothly at the beginning, but remember that others will benefit in the future if you help me now. I would be very grateful if you could help me.

Therefore I offer you a 20% discount, which you can get with the following promo code:


You can enter the code on the cart page as well as on the checkout page. Remember that the code is only valid until 30. April 2020. After that the code no longer works.

By the way: The Hue | Value | Chroma Munsell Color Chart printable eBook can also be purchased with the same discount code at 20% discount:


I thank you very much and use the time at home to work on your artistic skills. Maybe you can check out my article “All about the academic Cast Drawing – The best resources

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