Classical Atelier at Home

For the self taught realist artist

Let others pay for your education

 Crowdfund your classical art training and give something in return


As you know classical art training at an academy is expensive but what if your desire to attend an academy is so strong that you don’t want to learn it on your own at home?

Aspiring artists Eliza Moser and Arthur Haywood started their own crowdfunding projects at to make their dream come true. While Eliza aimed to go to the Florence Academy of Art Arthur crowdfunded for the Grand Central Atelier.

Each of them made their own calculations on how much they would need. If you are interested just look in the description of the respective Kickstarter project:

As a supporter of a crowdfunding project you get something in return. Eliza offered free prints of a stil life for those who donated more than $500. Arthur offered staggered rewards – depending on the amount of the donation.

So how can I get people to pay for my education?

Ok, you are convinced that this method brings you closer to a professional art education at an academy? On the blog of Tim Ferris I found an article on “How to raise $100,000 in 10 Days“. This should be sufficient to attend a classical art school in Florence including accomodation, eating ect. 🙂