Classical Atelier at Home

For the self taught realist artist

Competition is a good way to become better and staying motivated!

Students at an atelier see the art of their classmates every day. Seeing what others do and to what level they do it is a great factor for motivation. Normally one wants to surpass what others have accomplished and with a Master you have someone who has seen A LOT of student’s art and he can lead you to perfection.

Since is a website for those who learn classical art at home on their own, it is necessary to provide you with lots of artworks that others do. And that teaches you A LOT!

Here is a link list of student galleries:

This should be enough for now to keep you busy as well as motivated to study even harder!

Look at the works closely and compare them to your works. Be critical, be honest! Starting your next project without thinking about your previously made mistakes lets you repeat them over and over again. But always take your time. One often becomes blind in perceiving errors when you have looked at your work for too long. Wait some days, come back to the easel and look closely at it. Flip your work upside down. Take a mirror and look if something looks wrong. There are some techniques to help you let you see errors in your work but this is a topic for one of the next posts.

In the meantime get motivation through the links above and then work hard!