Munsell Color Charts PDF to print at Home

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Color references are often very pricey. In my blog post “Save hundreds on studio equipment!” I showed you how I made my own color charts. In the end this can literally save you hundreds of (insert your currency here). And in “Mixing Neutrals” I showed how I made a neutral value scale based on my Munsell color chips from the Munsell Student book.

In the blog post “Munsell 101 for the Artist” I explain the Munsell Color System and how it can help you learn to see and mix colors.

Now I have another way of saving money on color charts: Just print your color reference charts at home with your inkjet printer!

With the Print@HOME Color Charts package you can print your own color references – based on the Munsell Color System – without spending hundreds of Dollars like professional color charts cost.

With a regular desktop inkjet printer it is possible to print color charts which are absolutely sufficient for color mixing in your atelier. There is no need for you to have an industry standardized color reference.

Watch the video and learn all the details:

You can later cut the individual swatches out and place these under your glass palette. Read here how I use it under my glass picture frame from IKEA which I use as a low budget glass paltette.


And this is in the Package:
  • 40 printable color charts in CMYK color
  • 11 step value scale
  • Color Balance Card for Your Photos
  • Grey Background for Your Glass Palette
  • Instructions how to use the Charts
  • and more…

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