Practising nude drawing


I recently posted a link to a wonderful website which offers HiRes pictures of posing nudes on my Facebook channel.

Check this website out:

And also this one:

With the pose tool ( you can see all of their model’s poses. As a non-member these are low-res photos and as a paying member you have access to hundreds of hi-res photo references.

Registering is free (with two hi-res samples as a “welcome gift”).

Also take a look at the artworks that have been created with these references:

Without registering you can also access one free HiRes sample, which I did yesterday evening. Then I took some cheap drawing paper pasted on the backside of a wood panel, pencils grade F and 4B and a kneaded eraser. After 4 hours of work it turned out quite well.

I did not zoom in; I just left it the height of my screen.



4 hours - F and 4B pencils Photo reference by
4 hours – F and 4B pencils
Photo reference by

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2 thoughts on “Practising nude drawing”

  1. I admire your drawing skills. Very impressive.
    Two questions though: Which measuring system did you use working from the screen? Comparative measuring?
    The second question is related to this particular approach. My concern with this plot-the-contour-first is that you become so dependent on measuring and drawing from live models or ref images, that you will have a hard time drawing from the imagination. If, on the other hand, you start learning by approaching to see and draw the figure as 3-D boxes, cylinders, ovals and cones fitting together, it becomes easier to learn anatomy, and draw from the imagination. Would you agree?

    • Hi Keith

      First question: Yes I used comparative measuring.

      Second question: yes, it does help a lot learning anatomy through generalized geometric shapes. It is especially helpful for perspective issues like foreshortening or extreme angles. Drawing fingers as three cylindes in a row makes it much easier to create a realistic hand. The same for arms and legs. The head would be created through a egg shaped sphere…

      Here’s a nice link for further explanaition:


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