Having fun during vacations

One week back from my vacations in Mallorca I want to show you a 4 Minute video of me being drawn by a street artist.

Jacques is a street artist from France and draws caricatures and portraits. After he had finished a couple I talked to him. It’s always nice to meet people with common interests. We talked about Daniel Greene (http://www.danielgreeneartist.com/) and David Kassan (http://davidkassan.com/). Then a woman came and wanted to be drawn by him. So I then walked to the inner city of Palma. While there I thought “why not getting a portrait by him?”.

So I went back to the cathedral of Palma and asked him if he would draw me. Then he said: “I draw you and afterwards you draw me!”.

I had so much fun. All other artists around the cathedral stopped their work to watch me draw their colleague.

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