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My personal #250headschallenge and how I improved portrait drawing

Do you want to know how to improve your portrait drawing skills? Read on and learn how persistent practice over several years will improve your skills. And you will learn how to be both political and social at the same time. In August 2016 I started drawing people I saw in online interviews. I had already seen these interviews with people critical of society – mostly authors –  for a few years to educate myself intellectually. But these online interviews always last quite long compared … Read more

The best free resources on learning classical art at home!

The internet offers everything you need to learn classical painting for free – at least that’s my claim. What is taught in the classical painting schools is now passed on free of charge on the Internet by the former students. The painting schools live from the income of the tuition fees and the former students live from the advertising income through the publication of their free resources. The pressure or compulsion to attract more and more attention in order to stand out from the competition … Read more


Instructional Video “Portraits in the Wild” by James Gurney

I find portraits the most challenging subjects since you need to capture the likeness of the person whereas a tree is always a tree. To paint a particular person you need to take extra care. On business fairs I drew many many portraits using smartphones or tablets with a pressure sensitive stylus pen. With modern technology you not only have an Undo functionality but also other effects which help you to be faster and create effects of different appearance. But the videos by James Gurney … Read more


“Return to Florence” – a documentary on Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy

Life as a classical art student in Florence, Italy I always dreamt of having the money to go to Florence and learn classical art at an academy – if it’s the Angel Academy, Florence Academy or Cecil Studios. The documentary “Return to Florence” wasn’t really helpful in relieving this desire. I saw an ad on this documentary on the Art Renewal website and asked my girlfriend if she is still looking for a birthday present for me. So then I got the DVD for birthday. It is no … Read more

Let others pay for your education

 Crowdfund your classical art training and give something in return As you know classical art training at an academy is expensive but what if your desire to attend an academy is so strong that you don’t want to learn it on your own at home? Aspiring artists Eliza Moser and Arthur Haywood started their own crowdfunding projects at to make their dream come true. While Eliza aimed to go to the Florence Academy of Art Arthur crowdfunded for the Grand Central Atelier. Each of … Read more

25% off Scott Waddell’s videos and win one of two artworks

If you read my blog on a regular basis you propably know Scott Waddell. I’ve written two blog posts on him to date (1, 2) and this is the third one. Not because we have some kind of contract and this is his promotional platform 🙂 but rather because he is offering much for little money – all for your benefit and I’d like to share it! This time you can save 25% on all his instructional videos by entering the code ‘25videos‘ into the … Read more

Instructional video by Douglas Flynt

I recently wrote about Scott Waddell’s new instructional video “Drawing & Painting” and considered it as very valuable since it is packed with lots of information. Two days later I found Douglas Flynt’s instructional video which somehow went under my radar since it is available for over 2 months now. With $39.95 (~29€) for 74 minutes it is about the same as Scott’s video. And it has the same information density – if not even more! I also wrote about the Munsell color system recently … Read more

Review – Scott Waddell’s new instructional video “Drawing & Painting”

I’ve written about Scott Waddell before (see here). On December 17th he has published another video for purchase. The price of 37$ (~27€) is very generous! You’ll get over 70 minutes of video material plus an additional PDF which serves as a glossary, materials list and time code table. Normally I post free stuff that I find in the internet but buying some professional instructional videos will help you a lot too – with your art training and with saving money on expensive art classes. … Read more

Artist William Whitaker (1943-2018)

Having a mentor can be a great benefit for your artistic skills. Since I started to be interested in oil painting about 15 years ago I’ve had two people I would consider as mentors to whom I had contact and from whom I could learn from – artists Lienhard Pallast and Michael Milosevic. For many young artists in the online community William Whitaker was kind of a mentor. He was always generous with his knowledge and encouragement. I myself also regarded him as a kind … Read more

Having fun during vacations

One week back from my vacations in Mallorca I want to show you a 4 Minute video of me being drawn by a street artist. Jacques is a street artist from France and draws caricatures and portraits. After he had finished a couple I talked to him. It’s always nice to meet people with common interests. We talked about Daniel Greene ( and David Kassan ( Then a woman came and wanted to be drawn by him. So I then walked to the inner city … Read more

I am not alone

In July I posted a list of blogs of professional artists and art schools which I find useful and informative for those learning classical art at home. But there are also blogs in the internet by other self teaching people just like me. For example this is Heather’s blog and I must say she is doing verrrry well. Though she started to blog in August 2012 she took the structured atelier way in October 2012 with a Bargue drawing. When I found her blog I … Read more

Blogs Blogs Blogs

“Hi Bjorn I have only just found your site, I have been checking the sites on the internet for reasonable priced or free classical instruction….. Is there any other websites you could recommend or books you have found helpful Best regards …”   There are many art related blogs out there in the internet and one blog leads to the other. Some of them are just for informational purposes and some also have educational content. One danger of reading these blogs: you’ll never find time … Read more

Advices from a professional artist

In 2006 I was happy to find an artist near where I live who has attended a classical atelier in Florence. Born in Jugoslavia, artist Michael Milosevic, who lived in Canada for a long period of time and then moved to Florence to study at the Angel Academy of Art now lives in Bad Homburg which is about 30 kilometers away from Frankfurt where I live. In 2010 I worked on a still life at his studio under his guidance: Recently I visited him again … Read more

Free Alla Prima portrait painting demonstrations

There are hundreds of instructional videos and painting demonstrations for purchase on the web and I don’t want to question their use. They are mostly narrated and good ones also show the palette and the colors that are used throughout the painting process. For example Cesar Santos’ video (LINK) is a very good one with hours of instruction. Also Scott Waddell’s instructional videos are very excellent and I like them very much (I wrote about it here). But there is also a lot of free … Read more

Competition is a good way to become better and staying motivated!

Students at an atelier see the art of their classmates every day. Seeing what others do and to what level they do it is a great factor for motivation. Normally one wants to surpass what others have accomplished and with a Master you have someone who has seen A LOT of student’s art and he can lead you to perfection. Since is a website for those who learn classical art at home on their own, it is necessary to provide you with lots of artworks that … Read more

Trip to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a great city – not only for the regular tourist but also for art lovers. Since Holland has a long tradition in classical art you’ll find many places with beautiful paintings – not only in the museums but also in little galleries close to the Rijksmuseum. The Rijksmuseum will reopen after renovation on April 13th so this time I did not go there. Instead I walked around the area opposite to the Rijksmuseum – the Spiegelkwartier. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside the … Read more

Mark Carder – the not so academic approach in painting realistically

Artist Mark Carder (see his website) has a wonderful YouTube channel with great videos (these videos are listed in a more structured order on his website Mark employs different tools with which he is able to achieve accuracy in his measurements. If it’s the measurement of lengths and distances or the measurement of color. The first tool is a proportional divider with which he is able to draw bigger or smaller than the actual visual image that he sees depending on how he adjusts … Read more