Best art supplies for your art training: The Classical Atelier Shop

I felt left alone

When I started to take an interest in classical painting, I unfortunately couldn’t find the right books for it. Neither in normal libraries nor in dedicated art supplies shops. Classical painting didn’t seem to be an issue. So in the end I bought books that spoke of classical painting in their introduction, but didn’t contain painting instructions in old techniques.

Only later did I learn how the Old Masters learned to draw and paint (and I learned that there is not ONE Old Master technique!). On the internet I came across the information I needed. But I also needed the right materials. You can’t do so much wrong with pencils, but when it comes to paints, the differences in quality are dramatic (see my blog post on paints from the dollar store), and even with paper you don’t do yourself a favor if you buy the wrong one.

I also learned that most ateliers swear by the use of NITRAM Charcoal. Unfortunately, the owner-managed manufacturer in France had stopped production because he retired. The art student Jerzy Niedojadlo learned that the classical ateliers and academies only had hoarded quantities of NITRAM charcoal left, but that the supply was not secured. Here you can learn more about the history of how NITRAM charcoal was revived by Jerzy.

A dedicated classical art supplies shop

Screenshot of the Classical Atelier Shop

Now I took the time to create an art supplies shop dedicated especially for those art students who want to learn classical drawing and painting at home and don’t want to spend too much time on research. This shop does not contain every product on the market, but only a selection of the products that have the best price-performance ratio. Some products I have also divided into three levels of quality – but none of them is of poor quality!

In the Studio Lights section you will find products with a CRI of >90. Below is not recommendable for an atelier at home. But also over 95 is much too expensive for the lower gain in light quality for the art student.

In the Articles section you can find articles on product specific topics unlike this blog where I write on a wider spectrum of topics.

The Books section contains the most informative books on the topic of classical art. I’d like to highlight the book Traditional Oil Painting by Virgil Elliott. The second edition has just been published. Make sure to join the Facebook page “Traditional Oil Painting” which is meant as an extension to the book.

I’d also like to point you to my eBook “Hue Value Chroma – Munsell Color Charts for Artists“. This can be acquired as a downloadable product and you get a download link instantly. Florent Farges just recently let me know: “Thank you for making this product available, it’s very useful!”

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