Alla prima portrait demonstrations

There are hundreds of instructional videos for purchase on the web and I don’t want to question their use. But there is also a lot of free material on the web from which you can learn from. Some of them come with instructions by the painter and some are only videos with background music. But either of them show you their approach.

Here are some videos on Alla Prima portraits. Note that all go from the general to the specific! None of them starts by trying to make one eye perfect, then the other eye, then the mouth ect. They all start with a rough approximation of their subject by blocking in. The more the painting develops the more precise the brush strokes are. Remember that this is all about making corrections! You can’t make everything perfect with one stroke – a painting develops. This is true for the drawing as well as for color choices.

Have fun – but don’t forget to paint on your own. You won’t become a master without practice 😉

The following video is part one of three so don’t forget to watch part two and three as well

Zimou Tan has several Alla Prima portrait painting videos. The next 5 videos are his:

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