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In 2006 I was happy to find an artist near where I live who has attended a classical atelier in Florence. Born in Jugoslavia, artist Michael Milosevic, who lived in Canada for a long period of time and then moved to Florence to study at the Angel Academy of Art now lives in Bad Homburg which is about 30 kilometers away from Frankfurt where I live.

In 2010 I worked on a still life at his studio under his guidance:

Still life
Working on the still life at Michael Milosevic’s studio

Recently I visited him again in his studio and I made four videos in which he talks about Bargue Drawing, Cast Drawing and learning classical art.

Check out these videos on my Youtube channel:

Artist Michael Milosevic on Bargue Drawing

Artist Michael Milosevic on Cast Drawing part 1

Artist Michael Milosevic on Cast Drawing part 2

Artist Michael Milosevic on Learning classical art

In the future I plan to make more interviews with artists, so stay tuned.

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  1. Thank you very much for both your website and the videos “Advices from a professional artist”, they are immensely helpful and encouraging. I have been drawing for years, I have studied full time for a year in a contemporary art school, and have done as much as I can from a classically trained artist and have even been attending the only Atelier style school in my state, in Australia. Watching your videos today, those of Michael Milosevic, I had some vital questions answered, I found some direction I have needed. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This is material that is not found anywhere I have looked on the internet. My aspirations to make art have long been blocked by the learning I have needed to express myself in drawing and painting. Michael has shown me that it is still not too late to learn the craft and create art in my remaining life.


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