Got no drawing casts? (part 2) Make your own!

As you know cast drawing is a very good way to learn to draw a three dimensional object. It’s the second step in learning classical painting techniques as it is taught in many ateliers. The ateliers have many plaster casts from which the students can choose. But what about someone learning at home? There are … Read more

Do not save on the wrong things

I recently received an oil paint set with 12 different colors as a gift. This set of tubes was sold at a very low price for around 3€ so I was curious about the paint’s quality and as I expected, the quality is very low. Although this blog is also about saving money with your … Read more

Bargue drawing of Belvedere Torso

In the last three days I worked on a Bargue drawing without any precise measuring. The reference on my monitor and the drawing paper on my lap I started to measure by eye. I made the measurements as precise as possible and I did not hesitate erasing lines that were wrong. But in the end … Read more